Gerard Geoffrey

& Jackie Hackworth (generation 1 & 2)

Generation IV is a project whose roots go back many generations. The initial idea for G4 was conceived by Teddy Forance and his mother Alison. Alison and her sister, Lisa Anthony, have been the co-owners and directors of the Hackworth School of Performing Arts in Easthampton, MA for 40+ years. Before them came two generations, beginning in 1934 with Teddy's great grandfather Gerard Geoffrey, who then passed it down to Teddy's grandmother, Jackie Hackworth, Alison and Lisa's mother.

Teddy embodies the fourth generation of dancers to come through this
family, which is how we arrived at the name Generation IV Dance. Through Teddy's professional travels, he developed relationships with many other outstanding dancers and choreographers who share his passion, and who have become like family.  In the summer of 2010, Teddy decided to make his dream
a reality,  inviting his family of dance colleagues to come to his hometown and build an unforgettable experience for dancers near and far. The rest, as they
say, is history. 

Alison  Hackworth Forance

& Lisa Hackworth Anthony (generation 3)

With the help, support, and combined talents of Teddy's family, and the support of the families who comprise the Hackworth School of Performing Arts community, we have been able to create a dance experience that is unlike any other offering for dancers. Every year our program has grown. We have been able to attract the best and brightest emerging and seasoned dance professionals, both as faculty and attendees, and the magic that happens each year is something that has transformed each of us who are lucky enough to participate in this great adventure.

Alison & Ted Forance and sons Teddy,
Jonny, & Reilly (generation 4)

We invite you to become a part of this journey and help us to continue building

upon the dance legacy that is Generation IV Dance.



Generation IV's mission is to give each of our participants an unforgettable, invaluable, inspirational, and evolutionary experience through the art of dance.  To help accomplish this, students will spend time learning and growing with each of our faculty in a supportive environment, thoughout the week, allowing each participant the opportunity to be a direct part of the creation process of a live show. In doing this, students will forge lasting bonds with both the faculty and other participants. 


"We lead, we create, we share, we perform, we inspire, we evolve."

August 4 – 11, 2019


Tuition includes all classes and rehearsals and an event t-shirt. 

* Sign up by age on registration form. Levels assigned based on total number of registrants.


Teddy Forance  |  Co-Founder, Artistic Director, Head of Faculty, GIV Choreographer 

Alison Forance  |  Co-Founder, Executive Director, Event Coordinator, Head of Communications

George Forance "Big T" |  Executive Administrator, Accountant, Stage Manager, Smith College Facilities Coordinator

Jonny Forance  |  Website Manager, Graphic Design, Audio-Video-Lighting Engineer, Videographer, GIV Faculty

Reilly Forance  |  Faculty Head Chauffeur, Maintenance, Tech Crew

Jackie Hackworth ("Nana")  |  Faculty Host, Academy Will Call Coordinator

Christine Walowicz | Office Manager, Communications Assistant, Website Maintenance

Heather & Jacob Masenior | Transportation Coordinators


Subject to change. Our apologies if we have inadvertently forgotten anyone. Our staff is invaluable to us!

Lisa Anthony, Stacy & Ben Ashley, Lisa Laveck, Diana Frink, EJ & Ann Lafleur, Jenn & Ed Lawton, Ken Romero, Lori Labrie, Amanda Labrie, Jason & Carla Potts, Jen LaValley, Dawn Matthews, Ann Trytko, Judy Tomaso, Steve Marcil, Toni Marcil, JJ Prusak, Kris & Dean Powers, Ivy Harmon, Lisa Heath, Mary Beth Mizula, Caitlin Odell, Myra Ahern, Kate Netkovick, Amy DeLoughy, Dody Flynn, Kerry Linden, Kristine Schindel, Allison Furkey, Charlotte Doyle, Kathie Stewart, Paula Burgielewicz, Joyce Wiernasz, Brian Hackworth, Kristina Dupuis, Mark & Jarrod Nichols, Danielle Benedetto, Nate Odell, Tommy Doyle, Ben Galica, Emmet Lollis-Taylor, Patrick Anthony, Todd Anthony, Chuck Laveck, Lynn Kennedy, Elizabeth Cauley, Minh Sullivan, Will Cote, John Colby, Shane Andrews, Ron Punska, Nick Boisjolie, Michelle Cruz, Bobby Hanke, Katelyn Hurley, Dawn Janhunen, Karen McMahon, Marie Parrelli, Christine Roberts, HSPA Student Volunteers. Our thanks to the many parents who also pitch in as needed to help the week run smoothly.



Created by Christine Walowicz