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How can I pick a roommate?


  • All dancers staying on campus MUST complete a rooming selection form, regardless of their room or roommate preference

  • The Roommate Request form will be emailed out late April/early May

  • The minimum age for dancers to stay in the dorms without a parent or older-dancer chaperone is twelve

    • Dancers who are staying in the dorms who are ages 10 or 11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (who stays on campus with them and pays for the housing and dining package)

  • Rooming requests may be submitted beginning in early July (no sooner) and will be a $25 fee per roommate

  • Rooming requests may ONLY be made by using the Rooming Request online form

  • Requests can NOT be made by email

  • Rooms are singles or doubles ONLY

  • As we are able, we will honor requests for dancers to be placed in the same dorm as teammates and friends from other studios

  • If a dancer selects a female-only floor, they may forfeit the opportunity to be placed near teammates and friends who did not request a female-only floor

  • Roommate requests MUST be mutual! Both roommates MUST request each other. It is imperative that you confirm this with your intended roommate prior to completing the Rooming Request

  • Last-minute changes to rooming requests are not guaranteed and will be a $25 fee

  • Dancers who hope to be placed near teammates MUST list their studio name on the rooming request form

  • Dancers who fail to comply with GIV’s Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include being sent home

Questions about roommate selection?

Email Christine at

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