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How safe is the Smith College campus?


  • The dorm houses are kept locked at all times

  • Each dancer is issued a Smith College lanyard with a OneCard which allows them access to their dorm and the dining hall

  • $25 fee for lost OneCards

  • A fire drill will be conducted by Northampton’s fire department on Monday immediately following the last class of the day

  • A safety orientation will be conducted by Smith College police on Sunday afternoon

  • Dancers may visit friends in other dorms during free time, but must check in and out with their dorm chaperones

  • No dancer under the age of 18 is allowed to leave campus for any reason without a chaperone

  • Any area beyond the pizza parlor is considered off campus

  • Dancers who are 18 and over are allowed to leave campus, but must check in with a chaperone before leaving and upon returning

  • Dancers who are 18 and over may serve as chaperones for dancers who are 14-17 with prior written consent from parents (provided during the registration process). There are NO exceptions.

  • Room curfew is 10pm for 14 and under, and 11pm for 15 and older

  • Dancers who fail to comply with GIV’s Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include being sent home

Questions about security at Smith College?

Email Christine at

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